– Tanning will conceal acne, stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins.
– Get a tan in minutes without exposing yourself to UVA/UVB rays
– Airbrush Tanning is a safe alternative to roasting in the sun or tanning beds, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
– The state of Washington has outlawed tanning beds for minors without parental consent.
– DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the main active ingredient in all sunless products, and has been approved for non-toxic, topical use since 1960. It is derived from sugar cane or plants, such as beets or grapes by the fermentation of glycerin, commonly found in cosmetics.
– All of Radiant Airbrush Tan’s solutions are also alcohol free, odor free, gluten free, never tested on animals, and calorie free, (If you can’t tone it – Tan it! ha ha! Hey it’s true!)
– You will receive a customized color, based on your needs. Super natural golden, vacation brown or deep chocolate.
– Special needs? Please let me know!
Amanda - Vitiligo After
Amanda has Vitilago and very little to no pigment in her skin, it is very difficult for her to get color. In her after; her color is glowey, more even and Radiant!
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 4.04.51 PM
– Tanning conceals varicose veins, skin imperfects, and cellulite. Your teeth will appear whiter and your general appearance healthier!

 No traffic, No parking, No waiting rooms
– Tan in the privacy of your own home
– No time to go to a salon? Still have to pack for vacation? Ask for a night cap tan and get a glow in 20 minutes before going to sleep, wake up in a Radiant Airbrush Tan, ready to shower off and start your day!
– No sitter? No worries!
– Not thrilled about going out in public without deodorant, sans bra and makeup? No thank you!
– Invite your closest friends over and make it an event!
 Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.54.04 PM

It is very important to prep your skin for your Radiant Airbrush Tan. Tanning solution is absorbed on your top layer of skin, making exfoliating your skin for an even canvas essential. Exfoliating your skin will produce an even tan and a natural fade. Wash your hair and shave prior to exfoliating. On your tanning day you should have exfoliated skin, clean of lotion, oils, and deodorant.
Directly after your tan wear loose, dark clothing. Sundresses, looser slacks or button downs, t-shirts and open-toed shoes ideal. No lotion, shower, working out or excess sweating for 8-10 hours. For best results, sleep in your tan and shower the next morning. Once you book your appointment, you will receive full before and after prep and I will answer any concerns you may have :)
1. Do you accept credit/debit cards? Yes, I accept card and cash – all secured payments through Square.
2. Do you have a location I can travel to? No. I bring my services direct to your door! This allows for an affordable luxury service, allows you to tan in the comfort of your own home, sans traffic, waiting room, and getting caught in a downpour of Seattle rain!
3. Will solution stain my carpets/get on my walls/mess up my home? Not at all! I tan in an enclosed, pop up tent. It’s worked wonders in even the smallest studio apartments.
4. Can I get a mani/pedi after my tan? It’s best to take care of this prior. But if you do schedule a mani/pedi after – I recommend skipping the exfoliation and not soaking feet or hands, or limiting time, as this can result in quicker fading of your tan.
5. Can I get waxed or threaded after my tan? Schedule your waxing appointment 24 hours prior to your tan. Threading appoint prior as well.
6. How long does an airbrush session take? 30 min from hello to goodbye with your Radiant Airbrush Tan! (About 10 min in actual tanning)
Call or Text Christine (425) 312-3731 to book your mobile Radiant Airbrush Tan