At Radiant Airbrush Tan in Seattle, I bring the bronze tan to your doorstep!

That’s right–I provide a fully functioning mobile airbrush spray tan service that travels to Seattle, Shoreline, Everett, West Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland (travel costs may be included for outside areas, but if you schedule three tans in the same location, they’re removed!).

At Radiant Airbrush Tan, my goal is for you to enjoy your experience as much as possible, which means proper preparation for your appointment with exfoliation.

My airbrush spray tans are applied evenly to your entire body, and the DHA (an all-natural amino acid derivative) in my formula interacts with the top layer of your skin to create a natural brown color (never orange!). Thus, the best way to ensure that your skin is ready for my precise hand application is by exfoliating it beforehand to slough off those dead skin cells.

Here are Radiant Airbrush Tan‘s exfoliation tips for an even, long-lasting spray tan:

1. Use an exfoliation product that does not contain oils–they can create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan formula!

2. Loofahs and washcloths are another great way to exfoliate; use gentle circular motions, and couple this with an exfoliating scrub (without oil!) for the best results. Be sure to exfoliate your face (gently!), chest, neck, underarms, knees and elbow areas–these parts are often forgotten and may have patches of dry skin that need extra attention.

**Radiant Expert Tip: As a certified airbrush tanning technician, I’ve tested out lots of products for my clients. My favorite tool by far for exfoliation is a body brush! Find some recommended brands here.**

3. Shave all unwanted hair before your appointment. Shaving is a great way to naturally exfoliate your skin, but you cannot apply any lotions, oils or deodorants the day of your tan. The best way to prepare is by exfoliating a couple times in the shower throughout the week and making sure to moisturize really well every time. Then on the day of your Radiant Airbrush Tan appointment, do a thorough exfoliation again with no lotion oil or deodorant afterwards.

**Radiant Expert Tip: Avoid Dove products before and after your airbrush spray tan! They contain ingredients that may leave a film on your skin, preventing Radiant’s airbrush spray tan from being fully absorbed.**

Here are some great sites that provide more tips on spray tan preparation and aftercare:

35 Spray Tanning Tips From the Experts on She Knows

How to Prepare Your Skin for a Spray Tan on WikiHow

Contact Christine, founder and Radiant Airbrush Tan technician anytime via a phone call or text at (425) 312-3731 to schedule your mobile tan service appointment! See my hours here, and don’t forget to ask about my special night cap appointments if you have a busy schedule and need a gorgeous, Radiant Airbrush Tan glow for the next morning!

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