Radiant Airbrush Tan’s mobile airbrush spray tan services are doing something exciting in Seattle and the surrounding areas—bringing the tan to you! My name is Christine, and as the owner and “solopreneur” of Radiant Airbrush Tan, my mission is to bring a feeling of confidence and beauty to every client, regardless of a busy schedule. Years ago, I saw Kim Kardashian receiving spray tans at her home and in her hotel rooms, and thought about how glamorous it was–I soon learned that it was a service I could provide to the fabulous women of Seattle! That’s why I started Radiant Airbrush Tan as a mobile airbrush spray tan service; I know that nowadays with kids, long work hours and traffic it can be difficult to devote an hour or more for a trip to a spray tan salon. Radiant Airbrush Tan removes the hassle and the stress, with one goal in mind: providing you with a pleasant experience, glowing tan skin and a renewed sense of self-confidence.

How do Radiant Airbrush Tan’s Mobile Spray Tan Services Work?

1. Check out Radiant Airbrush Tan’s Services page and our spray tan options, selecting the perfect choice for you. Text or call me (Christine) at: (425) 312-3731, giving me your location and several times that work for your schedule. For Radiant Airbrush Tan’s hours go here, and keep in mind that we do offer nightcap tans!

2. Once we’ve agreed on a time for your spray tan and discussed any additional travel fees for locations outside of my designated area (unless three tans are scheduled at the same location), we’re all set! I will send you an email with prep instructions (check out Radiant Airbrush Tan’s exfoliation tips here!), and am always available to answer any questions!

3. On the day of your Radiant Airbrush Tan, make sure that you’re exfoliated and prepped for our appointment to allow for the best possible spray tan application! I will text you 10 minutes before arrival, and will remind you to remove all jewelry, have any little kiddos occupied for the next 30 minutes, and to designate a place with good lighting and an outlet for the airbrush spray tan.

4. Upon arrival, I will set up my partially enclosed pop-up tent in the chosen area and we will get started. The tent prevents any overspray from getting on carpets or furniture—my clients in studio apartments and even tiny houseboats can attest to this! I will analyze your skin, discussing how it interacts with the sun so that I can choose the perfect solution and application level for you (and remember it for next time!). Then it’s time to disrobe—Radiant Airbrush Tan offers disposable thongs, cotton for ears, nose filters and hair bouffant caps, though clients can also receive their spray tan in dark undergarments/swimsuits or the nude.

5. The airbrush spray tan application takes around 10 minutes, with the entire process finished in 30! Do not get wet for the next 8-12 hours to ensure that your Radiant Airbrush Tan fully develops, and I encourage you to put on some comfortable pajamas or dark casual clothes for the remainder of the day. If going out or to work, sundresses, button-ups and dark, loose slacks are perfect options!

Call or text Christine at: (425) 312-3731 to schedule your tan, and bring the golden glow to your doorstep!

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